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META cards

What are Meta cards?

The sets of  MetaCards have been developed with young people. They allow the exploration of imagery to plan brighter futures and identify how to support and resource the change process.

The cards are underpinned by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles. They create an environment that encourages young people to explore new possibilities. They can help to lift the barriers. The young person becomes the owner of the keys for change.


pie chartThe evaluation of MetaCards is being undertaken by Paul Davies from Lancaster University. It is essential that the project benefits from external evaluation of its expected outcomes and processes. We want to look at every element of the MetaCards Transfer of Innovation programme and learn what works and what changes can be considered. We intend to involve our partners, the participants in the training and the young people and adults they have been working with.

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practitioner person

MetaCards are designed to make you more effective as a practitioner.  They offer a unique approach that will help you to see the world through your client’s eyes.   Power Cards; Mirror Cards and Road  cards are being used in a number of countries after translation of the cards and the delivery of  training in an interactive format.    

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